Identification device of gamma radionuclides “SPECTRA” developed

Identification device of gamma radionuclides “SPECTRA” developed

A new device type is listed among the products of SPPE “Sparing-Vist Center”. It is the hand-held gamma radionuclides identification device – MKS-11 “SPECTRA” search dosimeter-radiometer. It is designed to measure ambient dose equivalent rate of gamma and X-ray radiation, to determine neutron radiation intensity, as well as to identify the type of radionuclides relative to gamma spectrum without using a personal computer.
The gamma radionuclides identification device “SPECTRA” is an easy-to-use hand-held device used to detect and localize radioactive and nuclear materials relative to their gamma and neutron radiation with the aim to prevent illicit transfer of these materials. It is also used at companies and institutions dealing with gamma and neutron radiation sources.
SPPE “Sparing-Vist Center” is the first Ukrainian company that has developed and will manufacture the devices of such a class. Today this development is at the stage of certification.

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