Latest update from the company

Latest update from the company

For almost four weeks, the people of Ukraine have been fighting an aggressor who attacks civilians and ruins our cities.

Due to the bombing of civilians, many people are suffering from the humanitarian crisis (critical shortage of food, water, and medicines). Since many employees of our company are also involved in volunteering, please do not hesitate to contact us, in case you or your colleagues would like to help with humanitarian aid.

Our company continues to work on the implementation of strategic goals for the needs of Ukraine. Also, the ECOTEST team cooperates with the Lviv state administration to provide assistance for the internally displaced people to the Lviv region.

Many processes are complicated by the war, but we are looking for solutions every day to establish new processes. If you feel you can help our company with finding reliable suppliers or share your experience of the fast start of partial production, please message us. We will be sincerely grateful for your participation.

Due to the military situation, logistics is a very critical aspect in Ukraine. But we continue to look for ways to deliver ready-made international orders. We have achieved a first small success, but we will tell you about it later. We hope that shortly we will be able to fully re-establish this process.

We know about your great support and highly appreciate it! Thank you very much!

We are from Ukraine! We stand and we will stand up for our freedom and democratic values of the world!

Sincerely yours,


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