Standalone portable kit for radiation control

  • Portable system for dosimetry control with standalone power supply
  • Monitoring and evaluation of radiation exposure of the staff
  • Automatic data transfer to a remote server
  • Protected performance for use in the field environment
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A standalone portable radiation control kit is intended for emergency groups and teams of NPP radiation surveillance and State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SESU) task units. The kit is designed to measure individual dose equivalent of gamma radiation and  keep automated database of accumulated dose of personnel during emergencies. APKRK also provides automatic transfer to the remote server and recording of dosimetric measurement results with their archiving.


The system consists of DKG-21M gamma radiation dosimeters in the amount according to the customer needs (basic kit 40 pcs), Gamma Sapiens Intellectual gamma radiation detectors UDKG-01APro (basic kit 10 pcs) that meet the IEC 61526 international standard, water- and dustproof smartphones with installed Special GS Ecotest server software, ServerGS software, a laptop with shock resistant, water- and dustproof casing with installed ASIDC Ecotest software.

The system also comprises an infrared port adapter, which provides data communication between the DKG-21M dosimeter and a protected notebook with installed ASIDC Ecotest software; a mobile universal battery for recharging protected smartphones in the field environment and high quality shock-resistant water- and dustproof case “Pelican” and accessories.

APKRK-01 can be supplied in two modifications:
Modification 1: with the equipment for carrying out operational individual dosimetric measurements of personnel.
Modification 2: with additional equipment for radiation monitoring of the environment.



  • Individual dosimetry:

    Measurement of individual dose equivalent HP(10) of gamma radiation.

    Measurement of individual dose equivalent rate HP(10) of gamma radiation.

    Automated database support of accumulated dose of the staff.

    Display of dosimetric data of individual dose equivalent rate and individual dose equivalent of gamma radiation in tabular and graphic view.

    Generation of various types of reports and their export to .doc, .xls, and .xml formats with possibility to print-out.

  • Radiation monitoring of the environment:
    Radiation monitoring with the capability to measure gamma dose rate and gamma dose.

    Automatic transfer to the remote server and recording of measured dosimetric information with a real-time reference, date and geographic coordinates.

    Generating reports and exporting them to .html, .wrt formats with the ability to print.


  • Individual dosimetry:
    Measurement of the dose load are performed by the DKG-21M gamma radiation dosimeters as part of an automated individual dosimetry monitoring system (ASIDC).

  • Data exchange between the DKG-21M dosimeters and the laptop, with the installed software (SW), is carried out by a contactless method using an infrared port.

  • The maintenance of a personalized database of dose loads on personnel is carried out in the automated ASIDC software mode.

  • Radiation Monitoring of the Environment:

    Measurement is carried out by intellectual gamma-radiation detectors of UDKG-01APro Gamma Sapiens and is transferred to the Android-smartphone through the Bluetooth radio interface in real time.

  • Dosimetric data is processed, stored and displayed on a smartphone using the Special GS Ecotest application in a user-friendly form.

  • Transfer of dosimetric measurement results using wireless Internet from the smartphone to a remote server for collecting and processing information.

  • Dosimetric measurement results are continuously processed and updated by the Server GS server software with mapping.


Modification 1:

• Shockproof, waterproof, dustproof case “Pelican”
• Laptop with waterproof, dustproof, shockproof casing
• USB / IrDA infrared adapter
• ASIDC Ecotest software
• DKG-21M gamma radiation dosimeters

Modification 2:
• Components of Modification 1
• Intellectual gamma-radiation detectors UDKG-01APro Gamma Sapiens
• Smartphones with water- and dustproof case (running Android OS)
• Mobile universal batteries
• ServerGS server software
• Special GS Ecotest software
• Accessories (smartphone cases, universal cases for carrying and storing smartphones and dosimeters on the body, multichannel chargers, batteries)