Blok detektowania promieniowania gamma

  • Wysoko czuły scyntylator CsI (TL) z fotopowielaczem krzemowym
  • Spektrum amplitudy (1024 kanałów)
  • Nieobecność wpływu mikrofonu
  • Zgodny z wymaganiami IEC 61000-4-2:2008, IEC 61000-4-3:2007, IEC 61000-4-4:2008
  • Stopień ochrony IP67
  • Możliwość wykonania w korpusie IP68 (wodoodporny)
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    Designed to measure dose equivalent rate of gamma radiation. Used for mobile laboratories, as a part of data panels and automated radiation monitoring systems.

    It is produced using a high sensitive scintillator CsI(Tl) with silicon photomultiplier and a Geiger-Muller counter. If the customer chooses so, BDBG-09S can be made of duralumin or stainless steel. A special version of BDBG-09SV detecting unit with a waterproof housing IP68 has been developed for use in waters basins or artificial reservoirs.

    BDBG-09S detecting unit can be used as a part of systems instead of BDBG-09 detecting unit for measurement of dose equivalent rate of gamma radiation and temperature without software change.


    • Measurement of ambient dose equivalent rate (DER) of gamma radiation


    • High sensitive scintillator CsI(Tl) with silicon photomultiplier and Geiger-Muller counter have been used.

    • Data exchange between the detecting unit and the data display system through RS-485 interface.

    • Availability of amplitude spectrum (1024 channels).

    • Constant self-testing.

    • Availability of the statistical accuracy of measurement.

    • Ingress protection rating IP67.

    • Average service life of the detecting unit – not less than 10 years.

    Typy detektorów

    • Scintillation CsI (Tl) detector with a photomultiplier for measurements in the range within 0.01 μSv/h to 50 μSv/h (spectrum-dose function)

    • Energy-compensated Geiger-Muller counter for measurements in the range within 50 μSv/h to 1.0 Sv/h

    Podstawowe charakterystyki techniczne

    Measurement range of gamma radiation DER and main relative error 0.01 μSv/h … 1 Sv/h
    ±(15+1/H*(10))%,where H*(10) is a numeric value of measured DER equivalent to μSv/h
    Gamma radiation sensitivity (137Cs), not less than cps/(µSv/h) ≥ 200
    Energy range of registered gamma and X-ray radiation and energy dependence MeV 0.05 … 3.0;
    (0.05 … 1.25; ±25 %)
    Integration time seconds 5 … 40
    Setup time of operating mode of the detecting unit, not more than min 1
    Operating supply voltage range of the detecting unit from external stabilized power supply V 7 … 32
    Current consumption of the detecting unit for overall range of gamma radiation DER to be measured 30
    Operating temperature range °С -30 … +50
    Relative humidity up to 100 % given +40 °С and lower temperatures with humidity condensation
    Weight kg 0.6
    Dimensions mm 170 × 60 × 60
    Download operating manual


    • Certificate of Conformity № UA.TR.113-0113/01F-17 from September, 25 2017

    • Type Examination Certificate № UA.TR.113-0113-17 from September, 18 2017

    • Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments # UA-MI/1-1717-2005 of August 15, 2005 (У2071-05 number in the State Register for Measuring Instruments)

    • Declaration of conformity with the CE standards. The tests for compliance have been conducted at BICON laboratories B.V. (the Netherlands)


    • BDBG-09S detecting unit of gamma radiation
    • corbel for vertical mounting of the unit
    • mounting parts kit
    • technical description and operating manual (one copy per one consignment of the detecting units)
    • logbook
    • packing box

    Technological kit used for testing of the detecting units (one kit per one consignment of the detecting units) on demand.