Gamma Radiation Alarm Unit

  • Works in pair with the gamma radiation detection unit BDBG-09
  • Equipped with OLED display, which displays current DER gamma radiation
  • Can be used autonomously or as part of a system capable to transfer data
  • Data transfer via RS-485 and Ethernet interfaces
  • Built-in battery for autonomous operation
  • Flash memory to store measurement data
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    • Description
    • Description



    BS-09, designed for light and sound warning of the personnel about radiation levels at radiation hazardous objects and an indication of local radiation background. It is mounted in pair with detecting unit of gamma radiation BDBG-09 and allows warning the personnel working in the area of BDBG-09 coverage about potential radiation hazard.

    BS-09 unit can work either autonomously or as a part of a system capable of transferring measurement data via RS-485 and Ethernet interfaces (protocol “modbusRTU” and special “Ecotest” protocol). BS-09 is equipped with a light and sound alarm, which signals about normal radiation background with green light; exceeding the preset threshold level of gamma radiation dose rate with yellow light, and exceeding of safety threshold with red light.

    Exceeding of DER threshold and safety threshold also turns on the sound alarm. The programming of threshold levels can be done manually (using buttons on the unit) or from a PC via the network connection. The BS-09 unit also provides power for detecting unit BDBG-09.

    Purpose of use

    • Light and sound warning of the personnel about radiation levels at radiation hazardous objects.

    • Indication of local radiation background.

    • Data transfer via RS-485 and Ethernet interfaces.

    BS-09 unit is equipped with:

    • OLED screen indicating current dose rate received from BDBG-09 detecting unit and threshold levels;

    • Two control buttons for manual setting up of thresholds and adjusting operating modes of BS-09 unit;

    • Built-in Li-Po battery allowing up to 24 hours of autonomous work (in case the main power is off);

    • Flash-memory that provides storing the measurement history of the latest 24 hours.


    DC supply voltage:

    • – powering from external power supply unit via separate connector or from the main via RS-485 connector
    • – powering from Ethernet connector using PoE IEEE802.3at-2009 technology
    • (9-32) V
    • (25-60) V
    Output voltage for detecting unit BDBG-09 12 V
    External interfaces RS-485 and Ethernet
    Light alarm colors red, yellow, green
    Sound alarm sound pressure, not more than 80 dB per 1 m
    Indication range of gamma radiation DER 0,01 μSv/h – 99,9 Sv/h
    Li-Po built-in battery capacity, not less than 2800 mA·h
    Maximum power consumption, not more than 5W
    Operating temperature range(built-in battery powering up at) from -40 oC to +75 oC(0 oC … +50 oC)
    Dimensions of the unit with light alarm(without light alarm) 181 × 220 × 81 mm(110 × 150 × 75 mm)
    Ingress protection rate IP65
    Download operating manual