“Sparing-Vist Center” enterprise participated in Scientific and Methodological Conference on Safety of Living


The “Sparing-Vist Center” company participated in the Ninth International Scientific and Methodological Conference on “Safety of life and activity of person – education, science, practice”, which was held in Lviv at the end of May.
The participants considered the pressing issues referred to the varieties of safety in the third century. In particular, these are theoretical, social and psychological, medical bases and environmental matters concerning people’s safety of living, as well as aspects related to peculiarities of the professional training in “Safety of Living” and “Civil Defense” in the higher education institutions. Radiation safety was considered as a separate issue.

Insufficient awareness of citizens of possible radiation impacts on the human health, and lack of knowledge about the devices that an average Ukrainian can use to detect and measure radiation level were said to hold a significant place in the field of radiation safety challenges of Ukraine.
Within the framework of the issue-related report at the conference the company representatives told about their experience in the introduction of the TM ”ECOTEST” modern home-made devices into the academic programs. They also demonstrated the devices in operation to scientists and experts from specialized department of educational establishments.

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