SPPE “Sparing-Vist Center” presented its products at the International Exhibition “DEFEXPO – 2010” (India, New Delhi)

SPPE “Sparing-Vist Center” presented its products at the International Exhibition “DEFEXPO – 2010” (India, New Delhi)

SPPE “Sparing-Vist Center” – a manufacturer of radiation measurement instruments of “Ecotest” TM, participated in the 6th International Exhibition of Land & Naval Defence Systems “DEFEXPO – 2010” held on February 15-18 in India (New Delhi). At this biennial exhibition all leading world manufacturers of weapons and military equipment demonstrate their developments and achievements. The official site of the exhibition – http://www.defexpoindia.in.
The sponsors of “DEFEXPO – 2010” – one of the largest defenсe exhibitions in Asia – are the Defenсe Exhibitions Organization under the auspices of the Government of India, the Indian Ministry of Defenсe and the Department of Defenсe under the Indian Government.
The subject of “DEFEXPO” covers all land and naval weapon systems. The exhibition plays an important role in expansion of military-technical cooperation between the companies and the countries.
Radiation measurement instruments of “Ecotest” TM were exhibited at the booth of “Intel Design Systems” company (www.idsipl.com), an Indian partner of SPPE “Sparing-Vist Center”, which cooperates with the Ministry of Defence as well as defence and law enforcement agencies of India. Today, “Intel Design Systems” has established well-run cooperation with English, French, Israeli manufacturers of defence products. This company shows a great interest in a possibility to supply the units of the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the National Disaster Management with high quality radiation measurement instruments of “Ecotest” TM, in particular with «aGent-R» gamma radiation alarm device, a new development of SPPE “Sparing-Vist Center”.
Visitors of the company’s booth showed significant interest in “Ecotest” TM products. Based on the results of the exhibition a number of directions of cooperation between SPPE “Sparing-Vist Center” and the Indian partners have been outlined.

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