5 Tips To Find Radiation Detection Equipment Manufacturer


Radiation is not a fictional threat anymore which is only present in Marvel and DC universes. With repetitive leaks in nuclear power plants all across the world, it has become necessary that people take necessary steps to monitor their personal safety and surrounding radiation levels. This is in fact, mandatory for people leaving near Fukushima or Chernobyl as nuclear radiation can persist in nature for decades and affect human health adversely. For anybody interested, the main trouble is not finding radiation detection equipment but rather locating a manufacturer whom we can trust. The key to finding the right radiation monitoring system manufacturer can become a little easier if we keep the following points in mind.

Look For Variety Along With Quality

A very old manufacturer will have a lot of positive customer reviews and testimonials, however, if they have not evolved with time the devices are likely to be outdated and give you relentless trouble with real-time readings and accuracy. A huge variety of radiation meters ensures that people can measure radiation exposure levels in various scenarios. For example:

  • A radiation monitoring system can be used to detect presence and judge the levels of radiation in the environment.
  • Similarly, they can be used to detect radiation in people (both internal contamination and accidental exposure).
  • Such systems can also be used to detect radiation on the surface of objects as well as people.

Since a single device cannot detect all kinds of radiation it becomes mandatory for a good manufacturer to produce all kinds of competitive devices which can detect radiation as well as distinguish the forms as well.

Do Not Forget Their After Sales Services

Just like any other electronic device these radiation meters are not infallible. In fact, they may require frequent calibration depending on their make and model. Hence a good manufacturing company should have a dedicated team of staff who are always ready to help the customers with regular calibrations, evaluation of models, grading the meters and even help out the customers with their needs. Beyond zeroing in on a model, a buyer needs expert help with maintenance, calibration and regular check of the device. The lack of extensive knowledge about radiation, principles of detection and the principles of working of the device makes it impossible to service them and maintain them without help from experienced service centers.

Beyond The Routine Customer Service

When it comes to radiation, its effects and monitoring the same with radiation detectors, simple customer service is just not enough. What people need is extensive consultancy services regarding their device of choice. A radiation monitoring system which can be used to detect radiation in the environment can never be used to detect radiation from Iodine 131 treatment. Hence it is extremely necessary for any buyer to first get in touch with a manufacturer’s customer service department to get a fair idea about what the need and how much they have to dish out for the latest models.

Keeping Up With The Modern Times

It’s 2016, would you like to go into an Apple store and buy an iPhone 4? Obviously not! When you are paying good money you would like to go for the latest model which offers you the best accessibilities and features. So why not do the same in case of radiation meters? A Geiger meter simply cannot do what a portable dosimeter can do. so while assessing your necessities and budget, always check for models which have been launched within the last few years for the best features like real-time reading, radiation type detection, fast detection methods, memory options, connectivity, easy interactive displays etc.

Techniques like the micro-structured semiconductor neutron detectors and radiation spectrometry used by Ecotest make detection a lot easier in the 21st century irrespective of the threat level and radiation type.

Conformation With Professional Grade Services

It is very rare to come across manufacturers who provide personal radiation detectors of PRDs with calibration certificates just like professional devices. Hence, all devices are returned to their owners with certification(s) of calibration along with designated model number and accuracy responses after servicing at the high-quality companies.

These professional devices in question are used by first responders like firefighters, emergency service personnel, policemen, HazMat and of course, radiation workers. So they need devices which are fast, accurate and provide reliable readings in real-time. In most cases it becomes mandatory for them to carry devices which can tell the difference between alpha, beta, gamma, X and neutron radiations in a site.

Although personal devices do not require as many functions and as much accuracy, they do need reliability for personal safety. Hence, people need manufacturers who provide them with portable radiation detection equipment systems with calibration certificates, quality assurances, free customer care services and easy maintenance.

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