Gamma Radiation Warning Device

  • Wrist warning device
  • Four-level threshold alarm system
  • IP67 ingress protection rating
  • Non-stop counter performance monitoring
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  • Description
  • Description



A wrist-type radiation detection watch in a shock-resistant body with a high ingress protection rating IP67. Geiger counter watch aGent-R is designed for detection and evaluation of gamma radiation using four-level threshold alarm system. LED and vibrating alarms warn about threshold levels exceeding. The function of non-stop counter performance monitoring guarantees the accuracy of measurement results.

aGent-R is designed for emergency services, MES units and law enforcement agencies. Due to its simplicity, convenience and reliability the radiation detection watch became also popular among people who use it in everyday life.

Purpose of Use

Purpose of Use

  • Detection of the increased levels of gamma radiation and their estimation by means of the four-level threshold alarm system


  • Wrist warning device.

  • Non-stop performance monitoring of the warning device.

  • LED and vibrating alarm of threshold levels exceeding with the option to turn off the vibrating alarm.

  • Non-stop performance monitoring of the built-in Geiger-Muller counter.

  • Manual control of the built-in vibration instrument and residual capacity of batteries with the corresponding LED indication.

  • Periodic vibrating and LED alarm when residual battery capacity becomes less than 10 %.

  • Automatic vibrating and LED alarm when residual battery capacity is less than 5 %, with the following switching-off of the warning device.

  • Two АААА batteries.

  • Shock-resistant plastic housing with IP67 ingress protection rating.


Dynamic range of gamma radiation registration from 10 μR/h to 1000 R/h.
Energy range of gamma radiation registration from 0.05 to 3.0 MeV.
Threshold level values of gamma radiation dose rate:

  • – 100 μR/h;
  • – 1.0 mR/h;
  • – 100 mR/h;
  • – 10 R/h;
Relative error in threshold levels determination ± 25 %.
Time of continuous operation with new batteries – not less than 1300 hours*.
Operating temperatures range – from -20 to + 50 °С.
Weight – 80 g.
Dimensions without a strap – 55×55×27 mm.
Mean time between failures – not less than 6000 hours.
Average service life – not less than 6 years.
Average shelf life – not less than 6 years.


Provided that background radiation is normal (less than 100 μR/h), ambient air temperature is within 20±2°С, and the battery is tested not more than 3 times per 24 hours.
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Delivery Kit

  • "aGent-R" gamma radiation warning device;
  • batteries;
  • leather case with a clip;
  • operating manual;
  • packing box.