“Automated system of dosimetry control” software

The software is compatible with DKG-21 “EcotestCARD”, MKS-U and MKS-07 “POSHUK” dosimeters.

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    The software is used for collection, storage and processing of dosimetry information by the companies and organizations that deal with dosimetry measurements of different facilities using  MKS-U and MKS-07 “POSHUK” dosimeters.

    ASDC ECOMONITOR is also used by the companies and organizations that deal with ionizing radiation sources for automated recording and control of individual absorbed doses of the staff with the application of DKG-21 EcotestCARD personal gamma radiation dosimeter.

    Purpose of Use

    • Automated noncontact reading and accumulation of dosimetric measurement results

    • Automated noncontact programming of the operating modes of DKG-21 “EcotestCARD” dosimeter

    • Data storage and control; its review as charts or diagrams and further processing

    • Data saving as reports and printout


    “ASDC ECOMONITOR” allows:
    • noncontact reading of dosimetric measurement results of MKS-U and MKS-07 ”POSHUK” dosimeters with possibility of linking the data to the particular staff member and particular device
    • linking each dosimetric measurement to a specific pre-identified object with the help of MKS-U and MKS-07 ”POSHUK” dosimeters
    • time tagging of every dosimetric measurement performance
    • individual automated noncontact programming of the DKG-21 dosimeters with possibility of its linking to the particular staff member
    noncontact reading of personal radiation dose results with reference of every measurement to time
    time tagging and control of entry and exit from the operation area for every personnel worker;
    • generation of individual tasks for every staff member for dosimetric measurements performance with the help of MKS-U and MKS-07 ”POSHUK” dosimeters
    • dosimetric measurement results accumulation in a single database
    • access to information, stored in the database, from a number of user’s work stations in accordance with personal rights of every user
    possibility to review personal radiation doses data as charts or diagrams
    • automatic control of accumulated dose variations for every employee over specific time intervals
    • forming, saving, viewing and printout of the reports on the basis of data accumulated in the database
    • data export to Microsoft Excel for further processing
    Operating Conditions
    The “ASDC ECOMONITOR” software operates on the computers running Windows XP Professional or Windows 7 Professional.