Automated System of Individual Dosimetry Control

ТУ У 33.2-22362867-007-2003

Number У1816-07 in the State Register for Measuring Instruments

State Sanitary and Epidemiological Expertise Conclusion No. 05.03.02-04/41795 as of 10.10.2003

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    ASIDK-21 can be used at the nuclear power facilities and at the institutions dealing with gamma radiation sources. DKG-21 EcotestCARD and DKG-21M personal gamma radiation dosimeters which meet the requirements of IEC 61526 standard are the key element of the system. ASIDC-21 also includes the IR port adapters for data transfer between the dosimeters and the PC, as well as the ASIDC Ecotest software.

    Purpose of use

    • Measurement of gamma radiation individual dose equivalent HP(10) and gamma radiation individual dose equivalent rate HP(10);

    • Automated database support of personnel radiation dose load;

    • Display of information on personnel radiation dose load in tabular and graphical form;

    • Generation and printing of various types of reports, as well as their export to other formats.


    • Support of the database of dosimetry measurements with an option to present the reporting information about radiation load of staff in a graphic and a tabular view, as well as export to .doc .xls and .xml formats.

    • Data exchange between the dosimeters and the automated workstation software is done via the infrared port with a noncontact method at a 0.3 m maximum distance between the dosimeter and the port adapter.

    • Sending dosimetric data to the server is carried out from special client applications that can be installed on an arbitrary number of workstations and work independently.

    • Programming of threshold levels of sound and light alarm of the dosimeter relative to individual gamma dose equivalent and its rate.

    • Programming of the frequency of individual gamma dose equivalent history recording in the dosimeter.

    • Denying the display of certain indication modes on the dosimeter’s indicator, as well as the option to switch off the dosimeter until its data is read.

    • Informing about unauthorized power shutdown of the dosimeter.

    • Option of remote access to the database and its management via the Internet.

    System configuration

    • DKG-21 EcotestCARD or DKG-21M Personal Gamma Radiation Dosimeter in the amount as requested by the customer;
    • Computer hardware for the requested number of workstations and servers;
    • IR port adapters for reading for each automated workstation;
    • ASIDC Ecotest Software for server-end and client-end of the system.