Water-Resistant Detecting Unit of Gamma Radiation

  • Ingress protection rating ІР68
  • Complies with CE standards
  • Complies with IEC 60532 standard
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    BDBG-09 for Gamma Radiation Detection




    BDBG-09W is used as a part of automated systems of radiation monitoring to measure ambient dose equivalent rate of gamma radiation in waterbodies and artificial reservoirs.

    A standard version of BDBG-09W is produced with a built-in Geiger-Muller counter.

    A modification BDBG-09SW based on the scintillation detector is also available.

    Purpose of Use

    • Measurement of ambient dose equivalent rate (DER) of gamma radiation


    • Gamma detecting unit based on the Geiger-Muller counter

    • Hermetically sealed stainless-steel housing

    • Data exchange between the detecting unit and the data display system through RS-485 interface

    • Constant self-testing

    • Indication of the statistical measurement error

    • When immersed in water, the detecting unit is resistant to exposure of:

      – water temperature from + 3 to + 50 °С

      – maximum depth of immersion in water 20 m

    • The detecting unit is resistant to sinusoidal vibrations according to regulatory documents


    Measurement range of gamma radiation DER 0.04 µSv/h … 107 µSv/h
    Main relative permissible error limit of gamma radiation DER measurement at 137Cs calibration with confidence probability of 0.95 ± (15+2/H*(10)) %, where H*(10) is a numeric value of gamma radiation DER in µSv/h
    Energy range of registered gamma radiation 0.05 … 3 MeV
    Energy dependence of measurement results of the detecting unit at gamma radiation DER measurement in the energy range of 0.05 MeV to 1.25 MeV ± 25 %
    Operating supply voltage range of the detecting unit from external regulated power supply 7 … 13.5 V
    Consumption current of the detecting unit for overall range of measured gamma radiation DER, not more 30 mA
    Setup time of operating mode and measurement time of the detecting unit, not more 3 min
    Complementary permissible error limit at measurement caused by ambient temperature change from minus 30 °C to +50 °C 5 % per each 10 °C of deviation from 20 °C
    Operating temperature range – 30 (+ 3 in water) … + 50 °C
    Dimensions of the detecting unit, not more 49 × 58 × 310 mm
    Weight of detection unit without fastening elements, not more 1.6 kg
    Weight of the detecting unit (with fastening elements and the connecting cable), not more 5 kg


    • Certificate of Conformity № UA.TR.113-0113/01F-17 from September, 25 2017

    • Type Examination Certificate № UA.TR.113-0113-17 from September, 18 2017

    • Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments # UA-MI/1-1717-2005 of August 15, 2005 (У2071-05 number in the State Register for Measuring Instruments).

    Delivery Kit

    • water-resistant detecting unit of gamma radiation
    • connecting cable 25 m (at request possible to supply a cable of a different length)
    • safety rope 25 m (at request possible to supply a rope of a different length)
    • operating manual (one copy per batch)
    • logbook
    • package
    • software along with RS-485/USB serial port adapter (at request)