BDBG-09 for Gamma Radiation Detection

BDBG-09 for Gamma Radiation Detection

Intelligent Detecting Unit of Gamma Radiation

  • Meets the requirements of IEC 60532:2010 standard
  • Сonforms to the CE standards
  • Meets the requirements of IEC 61000-4-2:2008, IEC 61000-4-3:2007, IEC 61000-4-4:2008 standards
  • Number U2071-05 in State Register for Measuring Instruments
  • State Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion # 05.03.02-04/90055 of November 19, 2010
  • ТУ У 33.2-22362867-009:2004
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    765BDBG-09 for Gamma Radiation Detection





    BDBG-09 is used both within data panels and automated systems of radiation monitoring to measure ambient dose equivalent rate of gamma radiation.

    A standard version of the detecting unit is produced with a built-in Geiger-Muller counter. A modification based on the scintillation detector is also available. Upon customer request the BDBG-09 housing can be made of duralumin or stainless steel. A special version of the detecting unit with waterproof housing has been developed for use in waterbodies and artificial reservoirs.

    BDBG-09 detecting unit has been successfully used for many years at nuclear power plants in Ukraine, France, Bulgaria and Korea.

    Purpose of Use

    • Measurement of ambient dose equivalent rate (DER) of gamma radiation.


    • Data exchange between the detecting unit and the data display system through RS-485 interface.

    • Constant self-testing.

    • Indication of the statistical measurement error.

    • Ingress protection rating – ІР67.

    • Average service life of the detecting unit – not less than 10 years.


    Measurement range of gamma radiation DER and main relative error
    • 0.04 µSv/h…10 Sv/h;
    • (0.04 µSv/h…100 Sv/h on demand)
    ±(15+2/H*(10))%, where H*(10) is a numeric value of measured DER equivalent to µSv/h
    Energy range of registered gamma and X-ray radiation and energy dependence MeV 0.05…3.0; (0.05…1.25; ±25%)
    Integration time seconds 2…420
    Setup time of operating mode of the detecting unit min 3
    Operating supply voltage of the detecting unit from external power supply V 7 … 13
    Maximum current consumption of the detecting unit mA 30
    Operating temperature range °С -40…+60
    Weight of the detecting unit without fastening elements kg 0.5
    Dimensions of the detecting unit without fastening elements mm 170x60x60
    Download operating manual


    • Type approval certificate #0111-CS-A038-18 issued by Czech metrology institute that confirms BDBG-09 compliance with the IEC 60532:2010 standard.

    • Declaration of conformity with the CE standards. The tests for compliance have been conducted at BICON laboratories B.V. (the Netherlands)

    • Certificate of Conformity № UA.TR.113-0113/01F-17 from September, 25 2017

    Delivery Kit

    • BDBG-09 detecting unit of gamma radiation;
    • corbel for vertical mounting of the unit;
    • cable connector;
    • technological kit used for testing of the detecting units (one kit per one consignment of the detecting units on demand), including: serial port adapter with power supply unit for а PC connection; technological cables (2 pcs.); technological software CD (1 pc.);
    • technical description and operating manual (one copy per one consignment of the detecting units);
    • logbook;
    • packing box.