Gamma Sapiens

Gamma Sapiens

Intellectual gamma radiation detector UDKG-PRO

  • Сan be used to measure radiation remotely to avoid exposure
  • Operates with smartphones and tablets running Android OS via Bluetooth
  • Collected data are represented on a map with GPS coordinates


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    • Description
    • Description
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    Gamma Sapiens is designed to measure radiation levels and doses.

    With the help of the GS Ecotest application, the information is processed, displayed in a user-friendly form on the Android smartphone or tablet, and stored in a special database for further viewing.

    Radiation is measured in real-time, it does not affect the use of a smartphone or tablet for its intended purpose. Gamma Sapiens will report a dangerous level of radiation with an audible signal and vibration. The device is self-powered, so it doesn’t use a smartphone or tablet battery.

    Gamma Sapiens designed exactly for your needs if you:

    • want to be sure of your radiation safety,
    • take care of your family,
    • are aware of possible radiation risks,
    • have a healthy diet,
    • own real estate or have projects under construction,
    • prefer active leisure time (tourism, hunting, fishing, skiing, etc.),
    • like travelling,
    • use cash,
    • want to choose a useful and original gift for the loved ones,
    • are an innovator who uses modern technologies,
    • are an active person interested in creating a contamination map of your area.

    Purpose of Use

    • Measurement of ambient dose equivalent rate (DER) of gamma radiation

    • Measurement of ambient dose equivalent (DE) of gamma radiation

    • Transfer of measured values to the Android smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth


    • High dynamics and reliability of measurement results

    • Built-in Geiger-Muller counter of high sensitivity (it takes just 10 – 15 s to quickly evaluate normal radiation background level)

    • Light, audio and vibration alarm of exceeded programmed threshold levels

    • Transfer of dosimetric information to the smartphone/tablet in real time

    • LED-based alarm of connection with the smartphone/tablet

    • LED-based alarm of the battery discharge

    • Wide operating temperature range

    • Ingress protection rating ІР30


    Measurement range of gamma radiation DER 0.1 … 9 999 µSv/h
    Main relative permissible error limit in gamma radiation DER measurement with 0.662 MeV energy, with confidence probability of 0.95 (calibrated with 137Cs) (15+2/Н*(10)) %,

    where H*(10) is a numeric value of the measured DER in µSv/h

    Measurement range of gamma radiation DE 0.001 … 9 999 mSv
    Main relative permissible error limit in gamma radiation DE measurement with confidence probability of 0.95 15 %


    Energy range of registered gamma radiation 0.05 … 3 MeV
    Energy dependence of the measurement results during gamma radiation DER and DE measurements in the energy range from 0.05 to 1.25 MeV, not more ± 25 %
    Complementary permissible error limit in gamma radiation DER and DE measurements caused by ambient air temperature variations from minus 18 to + 50 °С, not more 5 % per each 10 °С deviation from + 20 °С
    Range of the Bluetooth interface for connection with the smartphone/tablet, not less 5 m
    Time of continuous operation of the detector with a new rechargeable battery consisting of two AAA cells of up to 1 280 mAh capacity under natural radiation background conditions, not less 60 h
    Operating supply voltage 3 V
    Complementary permissible error limit in gamma radiation DER and DE measurements caused by supply voltage variations of the detector within 2.4 – 3.2 V, not more 5 %
    Setup time of operating mode and measurement time of the detector, not more 3 min
    Operating temperature range – 18 … + 50 °С
    Dimensions, not more 19 × 40 × 95 mm
    Weight of the detector without batteries, not more 0.05 kg


    Download operating manual


    • Certificate of Conformity № UA.TR.113-0144/01F-18 from March, 23 2018

    • Declaration of conformity with the CE standards. The tests for compliance have been conducted at BICON laboratories B.V. (the Netherlands)

    • Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments # UA-MI/1-2941-2013 of April 22, 2013 (У3383-12 number in the State Register for Measuring Instruments)

    GS Ecotest application provides

    • information about the radiation level and accumulated dose which is transferred from Gamma Sapiens detector to the smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth in real time

    • display of measurement results in one of 4 different graphic representations

    • representation of collected data on a map with GPS coordinates

    • setting up one or more dose and dose rate threshold levels

    • data storage in a relational database

    • view of stored data in a database within a certain period of time

    • automatic track formation of dosimetric measurements by different user-defined criteria

    • making and receiving calls, sending and receiving messages, starting and using other applications, etc., without interrupting the process of measurement and loss of data

    Delivery kit

    • intellectual gamma radiation detector
    • leather case
    • operating manual
    • package

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