Survey Device PRHR-ME

Survey Device PRHR-ME

Radiation and Chemical Survey Device

  • Wide measurement range of gamma-radiation.
  • Possibility to consider attenuation degrees from 1 to 35.
  • Nuclear explosion registration.
  • Selective registration of organophosphorus and arsenic toxic substances in the air with five-level evaluation of their concentration.
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The device for radiation and chemical reconnaissance, designed for installation at fixed and movable objects. It continuously monitors and detects low and high level gamma radiation, vapors of toxic substances, and controls the actuators of protection equipment.

PRHR-ME is widely used by military and emergency services units for the effective exercise of their professional duties.

Purpose of Use

Purpose of Use

  • The PRHR-ME radiation and chemical survey device is designed to be used at fixed and portable objects to continuously control and detect low and high level gamma radiation, vapors of toxic substances, to signal when such are detected, as well as to control the actuators of protection equipment.


  • Measurement range of exposure dose rate (EDR) of gamma radiation from 10 µR/h to 1000 R/h
  • Energy range of registered gamma-quanta from 0.66 to 1.25 MeV
  • Main relative error of gamma-radiation EDR measurement (relative to 137Cs) in percentage with confidence probability of 0.95 is calculated by the formula: Без названия5, where Без названия6 is a numeric value of the measured EDR in milliroentgens per hour.
  • Detection of toxic vapors of organophosphorus and arsenic substances in the air with concentration of 1.8 ∙ 10-4 mg/L and higher.
  • The device provides automatic light and audible alarm and issues commands to start the actuators of the object protection equipment when threshold values of gamma radiation and concentration of toxic substances are reached.
The device operates under the following environmental conditions:- high humidity up to 98 % and temperature not more than +40 ºС

– low temperature up to – 40 ºС

– high temperature up to +50 ºС

– when exposed to hoarfrost and dew

  • The device is powered from the DC mains of 27 V (from 22.5 to 28.8 V) voltage.

Device components

No. Item Length, mm Height,mm Width,mm Weight, kg
1 Б-1M radiation unit 156 228 79 2,5
2 Б-2M chemical unit 310 320 169 7,1
3 Cyclone Ц 130
  • ∅63
4 Heating tube 650
  • ∅19
5 Rubber tube 1000
  • ∅18
6 Connecting cable 1500 0,7