System for determining direction to gamma radiation source

  • Designed to be mounted on CBRN reconnaissance vehicle
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    • Description
    • Description


    System for determining direction to gamma radiation source SVNG-T is designed for continuous monitoring of gamma radiation in the external environment, determination and indication of the direction to the source of radiation, and data transferring to the on-board computer.

    The system is intended for installation on special-purpose vehicles, including radiochemical reconnaissance units of the armed forces and civil defense.

    System configuration and operation principle

    • The system consists of BVNG-T unit for determining direction to the gamma radiation source and four BDBG-T remote units for detecting gamma radiation, which are installed from outside the car on the front, rear, left, and right sides.

    • Measurement of gamma radiation DER is carried out by BDBG-T detection units. The measurement results are transmitted to BVNG-T unit, and DER levels of gamma radiation are displayed on its digital indicators and the direction to the radiation source. When the DER threshold levels of gamma radiation are exceeded, the BVNG-T unit signals light and sound alarm.

    • The system provides information exchange with the on-board specialized computer through the RS-485 interface. The maximum length of the connecting cable should not exceed 10 m.


    Resolution of determining direction to gamma radiation source relative to the vehicle nose no more than 45 degrees
    Measurement range of gamma radiation DER using BDBG-T detecting units 1·10-7 … 20 Sv/h
    Basic relative permissible error limit of gamma radiation DER measurement using BDBG-T detecting unit, when calibrated to 137Cs with 0.95 confidence probability (15+2/H*(10)) %, where H*(10) is a numeric value of measured DER equivalent to µSv/h
    Energy range of registered gamma radiation 0,06 … 3 MeV
    Energy dependence of the measurement results of BDBG-T detection units when measuring gamma radiation DER in the energy range from 0.06 MeV to 1.25 MeV, no more than ± 25 %
    Additional permissible measurement error limit caused by a change in the temperature of the external environment for every 10°C deviation from 20 оС in the range from minus 30 оС  to + 60 оС, no more than 5 %
    Additional permissible error limit of measurement gamma radiation DER caused by a change in the supply voltage of the BDBG-T detecting units from 12 V to 28.5 V, no more than 10 %
    Reading instability of BDBG-T detection units when measuring gamma radiation DER during continuous operation of 8 hours, no more than 5 %
    Time of continuous operation with subsequent shutdown for no more than 1 hour, no less than 24 h
    System power supply voltage from the on-board direct current network from 12 to 28,5 V
    Current consumption of the system at a nominal supply voltage of 24 V, no more than 2 A
    • Operating temperature
    • Limit temperature
    • from minus 30 to + 60 ºС
    • from minus 40 to + 70 ºС
    • Dimensions of BVNG-T detecting unit
    • Dimensions of BDBG-T detecting unit (without collimator)
    • 190 × 180 × 90 mm
    • 120 × 50 × 50 mm
    • Weight of BVNG-T detecting unit
    • Weight of BDBG-T detecting unit (without collimator)
    • 2,5 kg
    • 0,5 kg
    • Ingress protection of BVNG-T detecting unit
    • Ingress protection of BDBG-T detecting unit
    • IP54
    • IP67

    Delivery kit

    • BVNG-T detecting unit
    • BDBG-T detecting unit (4 pieces)
    • operating manual
    • logbook
    • set of mounting parts (socket; upon agreement with customer, a cable of the appropriate length may be included for making connecting cable required by the customer)
    • Delivery kit can be changed at customer request.