Social and Educational Program for Higher Education Institutions


A lecture-presentation about modern national radiation monitoring equipment was held on December at the department of anthropogenic and environmental security of the Lviv Polytechnic National University for the students of the 5th year of studying majoring in “Ecology”. The event was initiated by our enterprise – a developer and producer of the “ECOTEST” TM radiation measurement instruments.
Future environmental specialists were given an opportunity not only to gain theoretical knowledge about modern national instrument-making industry, spheres and branches of the dosimeters application, but also to see the “ECOTEST” TM products, and learn how to use these devices.
After the lecture-presentation the representatives of our enterprise presented the department of anthropogenic and environmental security a few copies of the first textbook in the Ukrainian language entitled “Radiation Ecology”. The author of this book is V.A. Batluk, and it was published this year by the publishing house “Znannya”. Our enterprise became a sponsor of this textbook publishing. There you can find in which way and with the help of which devices radiation situation is estimated, the operation theory and application areas of such equipment are also described there. We are interested in providing this book to experts working in the field of ecology and radiation monitoring, to students – future ecologists, to everyone interested in this issue.
We are going to continue this and other social and educational programs in the nearest future.

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