• New generation on-board radiation reconnaissance system
  • Specially designed for military equipment, CBRN reconnaissance vehicles and mobile monitoring laboratories
  • The system is based on the MKS-UM radiation survey device, which is successfully used by NATO forces.
  • MKS-UM is used both as part of the onboard system and autonomously as a multipurpose portable survey device
  • MKS-UM complies with international standards MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461F, IEC 60846 and IEC 60325
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    Description and Purpose of Use

    MKS-UM is not only a universal wide-range radiation survey device that is successfully used by law enforcement agencies. Now it’s a 2-in-1 instrument! MKS-UM can be used as part of the onboard radiation reconnaissance system MKS-UM VRS on land vehicles and on-board ships.

    Onboard Radiation Reconnaissance System MKS-UM VRS includes:

    Multipurpose Dosimeter-Radiometer MKS-UM

    VRS Module

    Two remote probes BDBG-T of gamma radiation detection

    The concept of MKS-UM VRS installing on special-purpose transport.

    BDBG-T gamma radiation detection probes are installed outside the vehicle on the left and right sides and provide constant monitoring of the radiation situation. Detection probes have a well-protected body made of stainless steel. A wide range of measurements is provided by two built-in scintillation detectors. The measurement results are transmitted to the VRS module via the RS-485 interface.

    The VRS module is installed inside the vehicle in order to obtain data from external detection probes and display the results of their measurements on two digital LED displays. The VRS module provides communication between the MKS-UM control panel and the on-board computer of the vehicle via the RS-485 interface. The MKS-UM control panel is installed in the VRS module.

    The MKS-UM control panel can be easily disconnected from the VRS module and be used autonomously as a portable survey device.

    • MKS-UM


    A full-range radiation survey device. Designed on the basis of MKS-U, which gained an excellent reputation under severe desert conditions during a peacekeeping mission in the Middle East.

    In addition to gamma and beta radiation, the dosimeter can measure alpha radiation. There is an added possibility to archive measurement results with reference to the location coordinates with the integrated dual-system GPS / GLONASS receiver. The device uses a lithium-ion memory-effect-free battery. The display indicates the statistical error of measurements. Availability of the analog indicator of radiation intensity facilitates localization of radiation sources. High protection rating IP56 and a rubber protective case allow using the device in harsh climatic conditions. It became even more comfortable to operate the device due to the reduced weight and dimension parameters.

    Learn more about the features and specifications of the device here.

    VRS module

    • Data exchange between external gamma detection probes, MKS-UM control panel and the vehicle on-board computer

    • Display of measurement results from remote detection probes on two digital LED displays;

    • 3 LED indicators of dimensions of measurement results (μSv/h, mSv/h, Sv/h);

    • The module is powered from the vehicle on-board network

    BDBG-T gamma radiation detection probe

    • Measurement range of gamma and X-ray radiation DER 0.01 µSv/h … 20 Sv/h

    • Energy range of detected gamma radiation 50 KeV … 3 MeV

    • Main relative permissible error, not more than ±15 %

    • Operating temperature range -30 … +55 oC

    • Weight of the device, not more than 1 kg

    • Dimensions of the device, not more than 100 × 174 × 44 mm

    • Ingress protection level IP67